I teach "finding" for founders. 

Each person aspiring to be a successful startup founder first has to find their successful business model. They also have to find early adopters, their unfair advantage, and the core market strategy that "rings true" and brings meaningful interest from investors. 

You don't have years to do this. A window of opportunity is open for a time, but after a while that closes. There is an approach to finding your way in the early-stage that gets you there as directly as possible. You can ask better questions, gain skills that increase your effectiveness, and become a better navigator of extreme uncertainty.

Getting better at knowing where you are and what to do next eliminates a lot of unnecessary work and clears the way to focus on the true challenge of your particular business.

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It's not just me: every person I know who's worked with Ada wishes they met her sooner because of the clarity working with her brings. 

If you're an early stage founder, or interested in increased results for your company's product development, or a funder looking for better bets, RUN -- don't walk -- to Ada.

— laurie felker jones, FOUNDER & CEO, Juicebox hero


“I wish I worked with Ada months ago. She’s literally saved me hours and weeks by working with her.”

— wayne lopez, vp product, vertify inc.



Ryan Heneise, of the Long Cut. "In this episode, Ada Ryland walks us through four models that can be used to validate a business idea before expensive investment in the MVP stage."  -- Ryan Heneise, of the Long Cut.


Over the past 4 years, I have worked with a lot of early-stage entrepreneurs and founders. Most early-stage founders are in some degree of overwhelm. They are dealing in extreme uncertainty and are trying to predict the future, which, quite frankly, is impossible.

There is a way to approach the early-stage that is methodical and proven. It isn’t easy – but it is do-able and will “ring true” to you as you learn it.


Ada's Advantage

My approach comes from the work of many other very smart people, who have based their work on other smart people who came before them (such is the way of progress.) 

I explain things plainly and practically -- and this approach has been effective for a lot of people. I have a way of seeing connections and integrating the different threads into a coherent and useful framework that can focus the efforts and clarify the priorities, regardless of the diversities of situations. 

This framework will help you ask better questions and become a better navigator of the extreme uncertainty of the early-stage. Being better at knowing where you are and what to do next eliminates a lot of unnecessary work, calms your mental state, and clears the way to focus on the true challenge of your particular business.

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“In our first meeting, Ada quickly understood my business and had an amazing ability to ask insightful questions that helped me to get to the root of my challenge. Her approach of enabling self-discovery versus simply telling me the issue was appreciated. I'd highly recommend Ada.”

— bhavnesh patel, ceo, volt480


"We did the unlimited package and we were able to really unleash the power of Ada. After our month long program we were able to complete paid pilots, develop a strategy on which customer we were going to target, and learn how to communicate effectively with team."

— kehlin swain, ceo, xplosion sports tech.

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