“I help founders GET IT RIGHT.”

Ada Ryland is an early-stage startup strategist and an award-winning founder trainer and coach. Her seasoned, unique approach integrates customer development, business modeling, market strategy, systems thinking and advanced lean methodology into a framework that organizes the complexity of the new business and brings clarity to the action plan to reach Product-Market Fit.

Ada's background gives her a unique approach. She is mechanical engineer with corporate engineering and manufacturing experience as well as a former IBM consultant, training developer, and program manager for processes involving startup evaluation and intrapreneurial innovation. She is currently an instructor at several pre-accelerators and accelerators and is a certified coach on Ash Maurya's LEANSTACK platform. 

Because she is an engineer, her approach is practical and direct. It is based in theory, and relies on distinctions and shared, defined language for clarity and precision, but ultimately its about applying specific tools that provide insight into your current situation and what that might mean for the future.

In Ada's words...

"You probably have a great idea-- but that is not going to be enough. This is about YOU having what you need to do this as a founder." 


One key difference between my approach and other approaches is that I focus on the founder. It is all about you becoming effective as a startup CEO.  It is all about how you can realize your vision faster and better, and share that with customers, investors, and other stakeholders -- so ultimately we all "get it." You can develop the skills and use the tools to figure this out and get your startup where it needs to be. 

My clients’ gain clarity on the value of their idea, learn new ways to validate, and get more precise about how they talk.  The "early-stage" is often described as ideation, discovery, validation, pre-seed or seed stage.  If you are in the early stage, there is uncertainty in your situation. You are trying to predict the future. Becoming competent in this stage means managing the uncertainty and being able to tell if you are going in the right direction.

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