Getting It Together in the EarlyStage - 6 session class ONLINE
to Oct 27

Getting It Together in the EarlyStage - 6 session class ONLINE

6 WEEK Program - Sunday afternoons, 4p to 7pm US Central Time — ONLINE

Getting an idea off the ground takes a lot longer and is more overwhelming that most people would like to admit. This 6-session class gives you an advanced approach to managing the early stage.

Price: $695

(I am finally offering this course online! This course is going to to be a small group — only 6 tickets. My goal is tohave a study group feel to it and to have time to for you to get help on your idea. Plus, if you miss a session, you can see the recording. I am looking forward to this! )

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"Jobs to be Done": A Better way to think about the "Problem You are Solving"
10:00 AM10:00

"Jobs to be Done": A Better way to think about the "Problem You are Solving"

For entrepreneurs, getting the "problem" right is critical -- and most of the time, the word "problem" is way too flat and anemic to do the actual situation justice. There is a tool that helps get at the "problem" more clearly and effectively. Its called the "job to be done" framework.

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"Early-Stage Founder" Course: 6 Weekly Sessions
6:30 PM18:30

"Early-Stage Founder" Course: 6 Weekly Sessions

This is designed for:

  • Anyone with a "big idea" wondering if it can work

  • First-time founders

  • Early-stage founders

  • Experienced business and product leaders wanting product:market fit

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Come to this Tues Evening, 6-week session course to get an advanced approach to the early stage of a startup. It starts with a sophisticated overview of the stages of a startup and then focuses and expands on the effective actions for the early stage. You will start applying best practices from the very first session and value keeps coming every week. You leave this class with clarity and confidence as an early-stage founder.

This course runs from October 9th - November 13th on Tuesday Evenings.

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This course will give you:

CONFIDENCE with tools and critical concepts for the early-stage:

  • Use proven tools to de-risk your business model

  • Consider critical new ways to analyze the market to understand your true competitors

  • Dive deep into understanding the “customer” and the “problem”

CLARITY about what to do and why

  • Save time & money by knowing the right action to take at the right time

  • Understand “traction metrics”

  • Bring rigor & data to inform business strategy through Lean Methodology


  • Participate with a committed cohort of people on a similar journey

  • Impact Hub Austin access: discounted membership + membership perks + special event invitations

Professionals who are switching into the startup founder role do not need beginner classes. They need a sophisticated, coherent overview, and advanced best practices explained in an understandable and actionable way.

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