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Starting Out Right -- A Smart Approach For Your New Business Idea

Are you ready to get started on your business idea?

This online introduction will give you a great overview of the stages of a startup and the most effective actions in the early stage. Learn powerful approaches and tools to help you stay focused on what matters most. We will discuss best practices for what to do (and NOT do) as you get started so that you make progress as quickly as possible.

This discussion is incredibly helpful for people doing something new -- something with a big possibility, but with a degree of uncertainty as to whether it is going to work.

We won't be talking about the known things -- incorporating your business, working on your logo, or setting up your website. We focus on the unknown things that make starting a startup risky. What might cause your idea to fail? What if you could see that NOW instead of a year from now? How can you strengthen your approach and improve your chances?

Please come join us! Get connected with other entrepreneurs and get support as you start your new project.



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