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"Lean startup" methodology

Whether you are new to startups or have done this a long time, lean startup methodology can help you prioritize and organize your early-stage effort to be the most direct and effective possible. "Lean Startup" started with  a book of the same name, but has become much more detailed with tools and best practices that are worth taking the time to learn. 


Startup Strategy - Theories of Innovation

Startup strategy is about your approach to a market and whether or not you have a chance at being successful. It is important to look at what is going on in your industry and market category. Who are the incumbents and what is their trajectory of innovation?

There are theories of innovation that can help gain insights about how much of a chance you might have as an entrant in that market. This is very helpful to consider, as it has impacts on what kind of business you might want to build. 


Principles of effective action

The odds against a founder are so great that I consider advanced training on principles of effective action as a required part of the curriculum. If you are not on your A game and able to execute effectively, you really have no chance. 

These seven structures will make a difference for anyone, but for someone taking on entrepreneurship, they are like oxygen or, maybe for some of us, like coffee.

Seriously, this is the part of the training that will brings clarity, precision, and effectiveness.