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Every situation for an Entrepreneur or Founder is unique. You are doing something that has never been done before and when you face the facts, the early-stage is extremely uncertain. It is a complex process, not a step-by-step “recipe” situation.

To turn a great idea into a business, you must find a way to align all of the moving parts perfectly. And unfortunately, when one part changes, even slightly, it affects all of the other parts -- which can leave you spinning in circles. 

And what is worse is if you don’t get all the parts working at once, you end up with nothing at all.

Given these circumstances, it makes sense that most most early-stage founders are in some degree of overwhelm. They are dealing in extreme uncertainty and are trying to predict the future, which, quite frankly, is impossible. 

could this be you?

  • You are experienced in their industry but have never started a business. 

  • You have a solution to a problem, but don’t know who your customer is.

  • You are stuck in analysis paralysis and don’t know where to start

  • You started a successful small business but don’t know if it is a business that can scale

  • You used to where all of the hats, but now you are overwhelmed and stuck in process.

There is a way to approach the early-stage that is methodical and proven. It isn’t easy–let me be clear, it is NOT EASY – but it is do-able and will “ring true” to you as you learn it.  I think it rings true for people because they already know it on some level. There is an underlying framework that can focus the efforts and clarify the priorities, regardless of the diversities of situations.

Let’s Work Together

Start immediately, schedule flexibly, work specifically to improve your situation. 

Include up to 4 team members. You can choose to do this in 4 weeks, to go as fast as possible, or 8 weeks, to work it in with other commitments. This can be online or in-person, depending on your location and preference.